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Leandro Oliva

Leandro Oliva

Director of Editorial Strategy

Leandro is the Director of Editorial Strategy at JHL Strategies. He brings over a decade and a half of experience crafting compelling editorial and communications content, engaging audiences of all ages and diverse backgrounds.

Previously, Leandro led audience development efforts at news outlets including the Wall Street Journal and The Intercept. He brings a keen understanding of the media landscape and how to tailor messaging to digital and social platforms, and is fluid guiding both written, as well as video and visual projects.

Leandro was previously a tech reporter for Business Insider and VICE Motherboard. In conjunction with his news editorial experience, Leandro is able to effectively build and execute strategic communications plans that resonate within a busy news cycle, leveraging his strong network of contacts at top-tier news outlets in both North America and Europe.

Leandro received an MA from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

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